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Denis Rouleau in Uniform

In its role as the ‘Voice of Defence’, the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) represents 15 Regular Member Associations with a total number of over 400,000 members, as well as a growing number of Associate organizations supporting the Security and Defence sector in Canada. The CDA firmly believes in the importance of public discourse of security and defence needs for Canada as an integral part of the healthy functioning of a democratic society. Founded in 1932, the CDA’s mandate is to promote informed public discourse on national security and defence issues, while advocating for credible security and defence policies and support of the men and women of the Regular and Reserve components of Canada’s Armed Forces.

Enabled by the evidence-​based research of its sister-​organization – the CDA Institute – the CDA delivers on its mandate through its ‘Outreach’ program to Government, industry, academia, like-​minded organizations, and the general public. The CDA’s ‘Outreach’ program principally consists of the following activities:

  • - Meeting with and informing key members of government, key defence officials, opposition parties, defence organizations and policy institutes
  • - Keeping key stakeholders and the general public informed on matters of security and defence through electronic distribution of regular briefs, analyses, articles and blogs, and appearances on national and local radio and television
  • - Jointly with our sister organization, the CDA Institute, planning, organizing and delivering a two-​days annual Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence.

The CDA National Office acts as a ‘big tent’ organization maintaining continuous contact with its member associations, while promoting their program, activities and events, and representing their overall interests at the national and international level

Vice-​Admiral Denis Rouleau (Ret’d)

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