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November 1932 Lieutenant-​Colonel J.A. Hope, DSO, MC, VD, ADC
November 1933 Lieutenant-​Colonel G.A. Drew, VD, ADC
November 1934 Colonel P.J. Montague, CMG, DSO, MC, VC, ADC
February 1936 Colonel C.B. Price, DSO, DCM, VD, ADC
November 1936 Lieutenant-​Colonel J.R.Samson, VD
February 1938 Lieutenant-​Colonel A.M. Thomas, MBE, VD
November 1938 Lieutenant-​Colonel A.E. Nash, MC, ADC
April 1940 Lieutenant-​Colonel W. F. Hadley, ED
December 1946 Colonel O.H. Barrett, OBE, ED
December 1947 Brigadier H.M. Elder, CBE, DSO, ED
December 1948 Major-​General A.B. Matthews, CBE, DSO
January 1950 Brigadier D.K. Black, CBE, DSO
January 1951 Briagdier I.H. Cumberland, DSO, OBE, ED
February 1952 Brigadier G.M. Grant, CBE
January 1953 Brigadier A.W. Beament, CBE, VD
January 1954 Brigadier W.C. Murphy, CBE, DSO, ED, QC
January 1955 Brigadier D.M. Clark, ED
January 1956 Brigadier P.A.S. Todd, CBE, DSO, ED, CD
January 1957 Brigadier P. Kelly, CBE, CD
January 1958 Brigadier C.A. Richardson, DSO, CD
January 1959 Colonel C.D. Gossage, OBE, ED
January 1960 Brigadier W.S. Rutherford, ED
January 1961 Lieutenant-​Colonel A.G. Brennenman, MBE, ED
January 1962 Commodore R.I. Hendy, VRD, CD, QC
January 1963 Lieutenant-​Colonel LeSueur Brodie, ED
January 1964 Lieutenant-​Colonel W.R. Learmonth, CD
January 1965 Lieutenant-​Colonel B.J. Legge, ED
January 1966 Brigadier G.B. Robertson, ED, CD
January 1967 Group-​Captain J.W.P Draper, DRC, CD
January 1968 Commodore J.W.F Goodchild, CD
January 1969 Brigadier-​General W.A. Howard, CD
January 1970 Brigadier-​General J.P. Charbonneau, CD, ADC
January 1971 Brigadier-​General B.A. Howard, CD, ADC
January 1972 Colonel R.W. Lewis, CD
January 1973 Colonel J.H. Turnbull, CD, ADC
January 1974 Brigadier-​General J.J. Dunn, CD
January 1975 Colonel S.E.W.J. Wood, CD
January 1976 Colonel W.J. Aird, CD, ADC
January 1977 Colonel D. Ludlow, CD
January 1978 Lieutenant-​Colonel J.W. Alward, CD, QC
January 1979 Brigadier-​General D.J. Anderson, CD
January 1980 Colonel B. Shapiro, CD
January 1981 Lieutenant-​Colonel J.G.M Boulianne, CD
January 1982 Lieutenant-​Colonel P.D. Scanlan, DFC, CD
January 1983 Lieutenant-​Colonel H.A.J Hutchinson
January 1984 Colonel R.A. Jacobson, CD
January 1986 Lieutenant-​Colonel G.I. Mathieson, CD
January 1987 Colonel L.S. Thompson, CD
January 1988 Lieutenant-​Colonel J.C. McKenna, CD
January 1989 Lieutenant-​Colonel W.A. Dow, CD
January 1990 Colonel R.S. Millar, CD
January 1991 Brigadier-​General D.A. Pryer, CD
January 1992 Lieutenant-​Colonel A.R.W. Lockhart, CD
January 1993 Major-​General W.G. Paisley, CMM, CD
January 1994 Lieutenant-​Colonel E.J. Wesson, CD
January 1995 Colonel S.E. Blakely, CD;
January 1996 Colonel J.R.G. Saint-​Louis, CD
February 2000 Lieutenant-​General Charles Belzile, CD
February 2003 Lieutenant-​General Richard Evraire, CMM, CD
February 2016 Vice-​Admiral Denis Rouleau, CMM, MSM, CD
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