15 July 2013. Ottawa. The Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) welcomes the appointment of the Honourable Rob Nicholson as Minister of National Defence.

Mr. Nicholson’s appointment as Minister of National Defence is welcomed by the community of Canadians who have an abiding interest in the defence and security concerns of Canada. As well, his appointment signals the Prime Minister’s confidence in Mr. Nicholson’s dedication in fostering the betterment of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The CDA recognizes that the Defence Minister will be facing challenges as the CAF transitions from its 12 years of fulfilling its government-mandated mission in Afghanistan at a time when the Federal government finances its way back to a balanced budget.

We urge Minister Nicholson to be mindful of the requirements for the CAF to maintain the hard-won capabilities it has taken years to re-build, following the “decade of darkness” they endured under a previous administration. CDA can assure the Minister of National Defence of the Associations’ support in his efforts to maintain the capabilities of the CAF.

Please direct any enquiries to Captain (Ret’d) Peter Forsberg, Public Affairs Officer; or to Colonel (Ret’d) Alain Pellerin, Executive Director; at 613-236-1252 or email director@cda-cdai.ca. Thank you.