CDA Association List

Logo Association Name
     CF Communications and Electronics Association
CF Logistics Association
Canadian Infantry Association
Canadian Military Engineers Association
Canadian Military Intelligence Association
Canadian Military Police Association
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Association
Naval Association of Canada
Navy League of Canada
Royal Canadian Air Force Association
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
Royal Canadian Artillery Association
Royal Canadian Dental Corps Association
Royal Canadian Legion
Royal Canadian Medical Service Association
Army Cadet League of Canada
Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans of Canada
Canada Company
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires


Canadian War Museum


Centre Familiale Militaire de Valcartier
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
Institut Militaire de Quebec
NATO Association of Canada



Office of Veterans Ombudsman



Promotive (Vanguard Mag)


Respect Campaign
The Merchant Navy Commemorative Theme Project


The Ranger Foundation
Royal Canadian Military Institute
Royal Alberta United Services Institute
Royal Kingston United Services Institute
Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia
Royal United Services Institute of Regina
  Royal United Services Institute of Vancouver Island
Edmonton United Services Institute

USI Leth


Lethbridge United Services Institute
United Services Institute of Nanaimo and North Island
Centre for International & Defence Policy



Canadian Assn of Former Defence Attaches